Livi Zheng from Blitar Go Tu USA

Film “BLITAR“Livi made the short film when he returned home in August 2017, precisely during the celebration of Blitar’s Anniversary. Through a press release, Livi said the shooting process carried out in the city was a very impressive experience for him, as well as for the production team which was flown directly from Los Angeles, USA. “We take a lot of pictures of the rituals and traditional art performances of Blitar which are very interesting and unique,” he said. This film titled Blitar was officially launched today, Tuesday (04/04/2018). The screening of this film is increasingly special for Livi because it coincides with his birthday. Livi said, through this film, he wanted to raise the ‘Triangle Diamond’ or the Three Diamond Viewpoints in Blitar Regency which is a leading tourist spot in Blitar Regency. Triangle Diamond itself includes Serang Beach, Sirah Kencong Tea Plantation, and Penataran Temple. Serang Beach has a very wide and beautiful stretch of sand

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