Mleri Temple In Blitar

Mleri A.K.A Yellowness Mleri Blitar Temple Mleri is located at the foot of Mount Pegat, not far from Petapan Temple on Puncak Pegat. This empire is administratively located in Bagelenan Village, Kec. Srengat, District. Blitar. The route to the Mleri Empire is as follows: City Blitar to the west towards Srengat – Srengat High School goes straight to the intersection, then turn right – follow the road until you meet Jl. Ronggowuni (small road) on the left of the road – Turn towards Jl. Ronggowuni, Mleri’s Yellowness Located on the right of the road. Yes, the tomb is called, the temple can also be. Mleri is a collection of cultural heritage objects in the form of temple ruins that are among the old tombs. The possibility of the existence of tombs and ruins of this temple originated from different times. Parts of the temple ruins that can be found here include: a number of statues, a number of relief panels both narrative and decorative, a number of antefics, jaladwara, kala, lingga

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