History Of Blitar

Rumeseping tirta hing
“Bhumi Laya Ika Tantra Adi Raja”
ya bhumi pasareyane raja-raja agung kang mahardhika
mahanani dadya tirta kang amartani tuwuhing jalma kang
tansah amundhi dharmaning satriya tama nggone sedya
labuh mring nagari.

The Absorption of Water in Blitar is the Earth of the Great Kings of Yang Freedom Becomes the Emergence of Influential Water Sources Cultivate Humans Who Will Always Have the Will of Mendharma Bhaktikan He As the Main Satria For The Country.

Blitar is a cool, calm and peaceful place, far from the frenzy of power, it has never been an area of ​​power holders of this country, both from the times of singosari, Kediri, majapahit, demak, pajang to mataram islam, but that does not mean without achievement, no figures and not taken into account in this nation’s long history.

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