Unggahan atau Punggahan a tradition of the people of the Blitar region

Unggahan atau Punggahan have started to get crowded, especially in the people of the Blitar area. Uploading or uploading is an activity that invites neighbors or friends and relatives to attend a prayer reading event together. Usually uploads or uploads are carried out in the month of Ruwah or the month of Sha’ban. which is a month that is approaching the month of fasting or the month of Ramadan.

The meaning of upload or upload according to several versions: upload or upload which in Indonesian goes up. has the meaning of going to a higher level or scaling up or leveling up. So it can be interpreted to go up from the month of Ruwah to the month of Ramadan. if we translate freely then it becomes a condition of gratitude in the month of Ruwah or the month of Sha’ban and preparation for climbing or climbing the month of Ramadan or the month of fasting.

Uploading activities are the same as kenduri or genduren activities or celebrations in Javanese society. as they usually invite the neighbors around to attend at the appointed hours. when present at the event, readings are usually recited in the form of tahlil readings led by a religious figure or community representative. The prayer or intent that is conveyed is usually a prayer to send a prayer to the parents or ancestors who have preceded the family who preceded.

After finishing the prayer together, then provided food that can be eaten together. and then some are wrapped to take home. or better known as the blessing. The types of dishes in this blessing include fried chili sauce, noodles, eggs, chicken meat, apem, or other snacks depending on the composer who has a celebration.

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